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Global Program 天下書院
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  其中,清大的校園導覽活動帶給了曹光彪、呂志和書院師生們許多驚喜,尤其是豐富的花草樹木、湖水溪流,以及學生自主舉辦的多元活動與公共文藝展覽;古代中國藝術史與漢學研究的重鎮 ─ 台北的國立故宮博物院,之中的工藝品琳瑯滿目、美不勝收,亦讓大家為之驚艷;二二八國家紀念館的參觀更是刺激出了深刻的反省;台灣人的貼心禮儀、書店豐富藏書鼓勵人文與知識的涵養,以及垃圾分類等環保意識也都使曹光彪、呂志和書院師生們津津樂道。
  On May 21, NTHU Global Program invited students of Chao Kuang Piu College and Lui Che Woo College at University of Macau over to have a 6-day cultural exchange with Global Program students.  During their staying, Global Program planned a visit to Po-Ya School at Tunghai University to have a stimulating, face-to-face conversation with students of Po-Ya school.  In the course of the conversation, students from each university revealed their uniqueness: University of Macau demonstrates the seamless culture integration from China, Hong Kong, and Macau; NTHU Global Program accentuates more on student autonomy and self-improvement; Po-Ya School at Tunghai University values the long-standing convention and its sophisticated educational system.
  Other than having an interaction with Po-Ya School, Global Program also arranged a trip to National Palace Museum: the hearth of ancient Chinese culture study.  Besides, the tour to National 2.28 Memorial Museum engaged students from University of Macau with a different viewpoint to dissect Taiwanese culture of great diversity and tolerance.  What impressed them the most was the high autonomy of students at NTHU because NTHU students are often encouraged to think independently and to cultivate their leadership.
  After this interaction with students from University of Macau, not only did Global Program students have the opportunity to know each other better but also learned to appreciate the difference between Taiwan and Macau in terms of cultural, economic, and historical aspects.  Moreover, through this event, we came to realize the importance of broadening our horizon and the momentousness of respecting cultural diversity.
  Finally, students and teachers who took part in this event gained lots of special, unforgettable experience.  More importantly, Global Program hopes to establish a long term collaboration relationship with University of Macau in the future.
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